Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament

More than just Hockey! - Plus que juste le Hockey!

Congratulations to the following Championship Teams :

Pointe-Claire Ladies Division

Serrurrier Lacroix 35-1 Division

Dirty Dozen 35-2 Division

Aigles 50-1 Division

LSN 50-2 Division

AD 60 Division

Welcome everyone to the 17th Annual Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament.

More than just hockey...

Every week Beaconsfield Oldtimers get together to enjoy some spirited competition, vigorous exercise, and post-game camaraderie. This works because BOHAnians (members, alumni, and spares) share common values, not the least of which is a dedication and responsibility to our COMMUNITY.

There are too many BOHAnians to properly thank in what space this letter allows. It takes the full BOHA team to make this event a success. When called upon, BOHAnians rally to do their part in helping others help others. You each have my full respect and sincere appreciation.

We also rely on the contribution of others, many of whom go above and beyond their call of duty. Volunteer Referees, George, Linda and crew at KELitho, Dave on stage and sound, Tom and his talented Musicians, Susan's photography, Andre's web-work, Bruce and the dependable squad of Lakeshore First Responders...and the list goes on.

And of course, the hardworking staff of Beaconsfield Recreation Facility, including Laurie-Anne, Michele, Nancy, Terry, Yves, and everyone else who keep things running smoothly year after year, and who do not hesitate to accommodate the tournament needs. On behalf of myself and BOHA, thanks to you all.

Our tournament is 42 games of fun competitive hockey. But, we also boast an outstanding line-up of food and entertainment: Karaoke on Thursday. Friday JAM NIGHT (live). On Saturday TSN Broadcasts live. Then MORE LIVE MUSIC...oh yes, it will be fun.

Smoked Meat Pete serves his mouthwatering sandwiches on Tuesday, Cunningham's terrific stew on Wednesday, Del Monaco's delicious lasagna on Thursday, Our traditional Skoulakisslouvaki BBQ on Friday, TTS Marketing's tasty pulled-pork on Saturday, and the famous DAGWOOD sandwich on Sunday. We are grateful to these people who have so generously provided this terrific food to support the cause.

Our sponsors are the final pillar. They help our community through their generosity. A special note of thanks to this year's major sponsors: London Life, Donvito O'Neil Gagne & Associates, BedardRessources, Almacg, and the many merchants who provide important advertising revenue. Read our program, and be sure to support them in return.

Raising $40,000 takes a big team! It is hard but rewarding work. At Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament we make everyone a winner!

Greg Maloney
Tournement President

Honourary BOHA Tournament President 2015

It really is quite amazing how quickly time passes. It seems like only yesterday when I sat down to write a letter very similar to this for the first tournament run by the BOHA and here we are running our 16th annual tournament

The idea to run our own tournament had come out of a discussion at the annual AGM. Dollard Leblanc our then President, and Dana Smith our VP Off-Ice had thought it was a good idea and I got volunteered as the first Tournament Director. I guess I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The first year it was very exciting how, not only the whole league but also the City of Beaconsfield, got behind our efforts. During the first tournament then Mayor of Beaconsfield, Roy Kemp, attended many of the games and was present to give out raffle and auction prizes on the last morning of the tournament. Fred Steer of the BOHA and the Montreal Canadiens donate a Loge for our auction that was bought by one of our long-time members Wayne Frizzell. Brian Lafleur arranged, through one of his contacts, to have smoke meat donated for the players and fans everyday of the tournament. Through Paul Painter we had frequent Jazz Fest favourite Jim Zeller play his harmonica at the jam session Friday night.The First tournament was a very exciting kick-off to what has become a greatn vehicle for the continued giving by the BOHA.

Starting this September 29, 2015, BOHA will be running its 17th annual hockey tournament. The familiar question of "where did the time go" arises again. Since the league became BOHA, we have had a long history of community involvement. Our earlier efforts were mostly involved with Canada day, Christmas and other holiday festivities often running casinos and dinner parties for seniors and others in conjunction with the Beaconsfield Recreation Department.

In 1983 a significant new challenge were undertaken, initiated by Bob Roe, the target was to raise money to purchase a new van for the Gary Taylor Centre. Many long Thursday nights and week-ends were spent in shopping centres selling buckets and digital watches. This objective was reached in less than two years and repeated with other new vans in 1990 and 1994 as well as sponsoring, participating and supporting their X'mas parties and summer camp activities.

Continuing the earlier tradition, BOHA over the years has donated and supported numerous charities and help organizations as well as giving out several scholarships and bursaries.

Fast forward to the 2015 tournament, where we could up the total contributions to over $650MM this year. A really incredible legacy for any organization.

This is my fortieth year in the league and as one of the "old timers", I very proud to be a member of BOHA and pleased to have been asked to be this year's Honorary Tournament President. I wish to thank those who nominated me and, to also thank the members of BOHA who make this annual event a success through their effort and dedication to maintaining the objectives of the league. Last but not least, I would like to thank our guests and participants who, by their presence, help to complete our success.

We invite you to enjoy your time with us and remember," it's for the love of the game".

Edward Hussey
Honourary BOHA Tournament President 2015