• September 26 to October 1
  • Help Support Various West Island Charities

The Beaconsfield Old-Timers Tournament would like to thank all our Sponsors for their contributions this year!




Welcome to the 19th Annual
Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament.

BOHA Tournament President


Bienvenue, joueurs et fans de hockey,

Nous sommes fiers de vous accueillir tous lors de notre 19e tournoi de hockey de Beaconsfield Oldtimers (BOHT). Nous sommes impatients d'accueillir plus de 360 joueurs de hockey, hommes et femmes, à une excellente semaine de hockey, de divertissement et de plaisir entre amis.

Grâce à votre générosité, celle de nos commanditaires locaux et au travail acharné de nos bénévoles, nous avons recueilli près de 700 000 $ au cours des 18 dernières années. Dont 100% ont été donnés àdes des organismes de bienfaisance locaux. Encore cette année, nous comptons sur vous pour nous aider àrecueillir des fonds pour leur travail continu dans la communauté.

Tout cela ne pouvait se faire sans l'aide des joueurs de BOHA et de leurs familles, qui donne généreusement leur temps, aidant ce tournoi àvivre sa grande réputation et être un succès de collecte de fonds communautaires. Sans oublier nos arbitres, les chronométreurs, l'équipe de premiers soins, le personnel de l'aréna de Beaconsfield et des membres de service récréatif, les imprimeriesnos musiciens. Un grand merci au comité de la BOHT, dont leurs noms sontmentionnés plus tard dans ce programme.

Nous vous remercions nos commanditaires, anciens et nouveaux. Ils nous appuient continuent soit àtravers notre programme de publicité, d'une bannière, ou simplement en faisant un don. Prenez le temps de les reconnaître et de les soutenir àleur tour.

Veuillez souhaiter la bienvenue ànotre président du tournoi honoraire Ted Jackson. Une reconnaissance bien méritée pour sa bonne nature de BOHAnian, un hommequi est toujours disposé àaider, non seulement comme gardien de butpour les équipes de 35 + 50 + et 60 +, mais aussi pour notre ligue.

Welcome Hockey players and fans,

We are proud to welcome you all to our 19th Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey tournament (BOHT).We are looking forward greeting you 360 both men's and women's players to a great week of hockey, entertainment and fun.

With your generosity, the one of our local sponsors and the hard work of our volunteers we have raised close to 700,000 over the last 18 years. 100% of which has been donated to local community service groups and charitable organizations. Again this year we hope to help raise money for their continuous hard work in the community.

All this couldn't get done with out of the help of the BOHA players and their families who volunteers their time to make this tournament the success that it has been reputed for. Not forgetting our referees, time-keepers, first aid crews, Beaconsfield arena staff and recreation department, printers, musicians. Special thank to the BOHT committee, their names mention in this program.

Thank you to our sponsors old and new with their help, support us through our program, on our walls or simply by donating. Please take the time to recognize them and support them.

Please welcome our honorary president of the tournament Ted Jackson. A well deserved for this good hearted Bohamian who is always willing to help, not only the 40+ 50+ 60+ teams has a gaolie but our league as well.

Now enjoy our tournament and all the festivities, play safe and support our efforts to raise money for some good causes.

Steven Poirier
Tournament President
BOHA More then just Hockey

Honourary BOHA Tournament President

Thank you for stopping on this page and in this arena to share congenial competition, camaraderie and community.

Of course, the love and joy of this wonderful game of hockey is the starting point. Whenever the "guys" (not gender specific) gather to lace on the skates - the heart feels happy, the knees feel strong and the feet feel light...

The stories roll on of great shots, fabulous passes, terrific stickhandling, spectacular saves and the details become more elaborate and exciting with each telling of the story... great friendships are forged in the dressing room!

Then there's that fabulous community that surrounds us. Including but not limited to: municipal workers of Beaconsfield, the regular players and spares for BOHA, referees, time keepers, friends and family, fans that come and support the tournament, sponsors and volunteers. Also, there is the part of the community that from time to time need our emotional support, our physical support and our material support. Because we are a sharing community, we give that support with a smile and without question. Please help to pay it forward by supporting the advertisers in this program.

I am humbled and honored to have been asked to represent BOHA by being the honorary president of this, the 19th annual tournament. It has often been said that an individual is only able to move forward because they can stand on the shoulders of the giants that have gone before. I am here because of many such giants in the BOHA community.

I would like to close with a little story that I feel sums up the spirit of togetherness and sharing of the Beaconsfield Old-Timers Hockey Association.

"If you play the 11 o'clock game , you get home at 3 A.M. If you play the 8 o'clock game, you get home at - - - 3 A.M.!" And we always go home happy in our souls.

Wishing you enough

Ted Jackson
Honourary BOHA Tournament President 2017