• September 26 to October 1
  • Help Support Various West Island Charities

The Beaconsfield Old-Timers Tournament would like to thank all our Sponsors for their contributions this year!




Welcome to the 19th Annual
Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament.

BOHA Tournament President


Welcome to the 18th BOHT Beaconsfield Old-timers Hockey Tournament. We are looking forward to our 24 teams participating this year, making this event another great year of hockey, camaraderie's, entertainment and fun to all, while helping our local charities. With your help, our sponsors and our volunteers, we have raised over $40,000 in our last year tournament which now brings us over $640,000 in the last 17 years. This is something all BOHA members are proud of and is the reason why I was glad to accept to take on the responsibility of Tournament President.

I would like to thank our volunteers and their families who take time away from home to make sure that this tournament runs as smoothly as possible. Let's not forget our referees and medical emergency people, who generously donate their time and allow us, old-timers, to play worry free. Thank you to all our sponsors who continue to contribute generously. Lastly special thanks to the city of Beaconsfield and our arena staff for their support and patience.

We wish you good luck in all your games and encourage everyone to join in our social aspect of our tournament. Make sure your team joins us in the hospitality suite to share stories on how you should have got that goal while enjoying a few beers plus the great food, donated by our local eateries. We have great entertainment for everyone including friends and family; Thursday night is Acoustic classics with Tom Simpson. Friday night is Jam Night where all who can play an instrument are welcomed. For those of you who believe they could have made it as a rock star has a chance of been discovered on Saturday during Karaoke night.

Lastly, a special thank you to our honorary tournament President Mark Uchwat who has played with BOHA for 25 years and even though isn't playing with us anymore, still keeps helping when ever he can with this league. Mark truly reflects the BOHA values.

Enjoy your tournament and being part of the BOHA fundraising efforts.

Steven Poirier
Tournament President
BOHA More then just Hockey

Honourary BOHA Tournament President

Seventeen (17), that's how many Beaconsfield Oldtimer Hockey Tournaments I have had the pleasure of helping with, playing in and meeting up with old adversaries on the ice who have become friends off the ice over the years.

Having played Oldtimer Hockey with BOHA for 25 years and participating in its various activities on and off the ice, I have never been prouder of our organization than when I see the reactions on the faces of the representatives of various charities who have received BOHA's annual contributions over the years. To date we have contributed over $680,000. Quite an accomplishment!

This year is our 18th Annual Tournament and I was delighted when the Association's executive asked me to act as this year's Honorary President.

Our Hockey Association, like many in this City, Province and Country, is a group of mavericks, who delight in being able to play hockey after reaching the age of 35. We are blessed to be in half decent health with a wide range of friends who enjoy the pre-game, on-ice and post-game activities that this organization offers us. For most of us, the off-ice activity helps maintain our sense of humor, while the on-ice activity falsely reminds us that we are still young at heart!

Thank you to the City of Beaconsfield and its staff here at the Arena, to all our players, both regulars and spares and to all our significant others who either allow us or want us to get out and play hockey. Mostly a big thank you to all the teams who participatein our Tournament. It is this combined cooperative effort and generosity which makes our tournament success and thus allows our enjoyment of the game to help give something back to our communities.

There was a book written by Ted Barris and published by Macmillan Canada in 1995 called "Playing Overtime, A celebration of Oldtimers Hockey"

The author made referral to the fact that our: "national sport lives on in the hearts and minds (if not the legs) of aging players who gather wherever ice is available" and that "We love our game and the rinks are our refuge. The camaraderie builds bonds that we find nowhere else. Old moves may be slower but the spirit of the game is still thriving. Besides, the beer tastes just as good whether we win or lose"

Good luck to all teams. Remember that we're all winners here! So let's lace up, get on the ice and continue to enjoy playing our game!!

Mark Uchwat
Honourary BOHA Tournament President 2015